What happened to Hashnode API?

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Hashnode API was in talks for a while but there is no mention of it anymore.

I would really love to see the API survive as the API is a really good live Data Source for many test and demo apps.

Current solutions for a API data source are:

  1. Static JSON API: jsonplaceholder.typicode.com
  2. Collection: apilist.fun
  3. Collection: any-api.com
  4. etc

I would be really happy to work on Hashnode API and showcase some extra things on top of it.

I had made previous post on auto publishing on Github pages with github actions and I used dev.to API as as example.

In the beginning I wanted to build an aggregator of Hashnode and Dev.to, but could not find Hashnode API easily.

Once I found it on api.hashnode.com, the Schema and Docs are less helping.

Can Hashnode community managers answer this please?

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Sandeep Panda's photo

We are upgrading our APIs and are trying to document them properly. Give us a couple of days -- api.hashnode.com will be up with correct schema and docs.

We'll also write a blog post about it.

Pankaj Patel's photo

Thanks a lot for the update Sandeep