TIL: Knowledge Management with Obsidian


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I have been writing articles for a while and developed a small process for it.

My process looked like this:

Drafts -> CMS -> Republish -> Promote -> Maintain

You notice the beginning: Drafts.

This is where I used my favourite tool Bear App

It allowed me to write productively but I didn't realize that it is a very linear approach to jotting Ideas and get the ball rolling for Articles and Content.

After the session first session on Hashnode Bootcamp 3 with @samjulien I understood that I need a get better at managing my Knowledge.

As Sam mentioned Obsidian as his go to tool for knowledge management and he tweeted about his tips around using Obsidian:

And after few more tweets back and forth, this tweet sold the Obsidian to me:

Now I am setting up my Ideation workflow on Obsidian and might as well migrate everything from Bear App to Obsidian.

Great thing is that Obsidian is Cross Platform with Mobile apps in Private Beta.

Features that I am really excited about are:

  • Topic Linking I can link topic inside topics without needing to leave the current Note
  • Topic Graph Linked topics generate a Graph similar to Mind Maps
  • Markdown Files This means that I can edit these files outside Obsidian and still be fine with it
  • Plugins It has some Core plugins and so many community plugins. Which means it is extendible and can be customized to fit to more personal needs

Finally all I can say is Knowledge Management is needed part of the Content Creation process and is generally ignored.

Pick one system and experiment with it and Change it if it no longer matches your needs.

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